Monday, July 10, 2017

Took a trip down to the swimming hole under the old 49er bridge on Sunday evening. While there my creative self started talking telling me things that were greater and more beautiful than I could ever come up with on my own. and so the Poem Yuba 1921 was born (see below). I hope I can share a bit of my experience in this beautiful place with you in some small way. Hail All-Father Odin, Thank the Ancestors, Hail Life!

Yuba 1921
Cool blue-green water flows with gentle roar over torrent smoothed stone; Ripples capture days last light glittering like diamonds; Light show interrupted by jagged crags and boulders, Granite jutting in granular solidity from cool dark depths; Wild Grapes climb, vines winding, reaching toward tree carpeted horizon; Swallows dip, cutting across reddening twilight skies like drunken arrows, sure in flight but erratic in destination; This scene all framed by hard angular arches, mans contribution compliments an already perfect landscape; Bathers seeking asylum from the inferno that is July, long awaited respite in cool silky embrace; The spirit of the Yuba slides sensuously over heat scorched skin and soul.
Still enmeshed, hypnotized by the monotonous treadmill of day to day life at first some fail to experience fully the grandeur that surrounds and envelopes one like stepping through a portal and into a masterpiece; By inexorable osmosis the gentle spirit and beauty of the place like moisture through the pores calms and cools, bathing away the mundane and ordinary, the heat and stress; Even the most socially aware are loosed from the fixating glare of gadgets and status and fall under its spell, made somehow peaceful, quiet, and more whole; Blessed to discover that here and now in this place, all is beauty

The magic of nature cannot be ignored.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A New Day

Light streams over the mountain- Sol lamp of Odin soon to rise.

Ond stirs the trees - Day takes it first breaths.

Black gives way to the riotous colors of nature.

Birds sing- The first Hail Day!

 Another day of consciousness and breath - Already a victory- Another chance to work the will on Midgard.

Thoughts take flight- Like newly awakened Ravens- Wings straining ever higher into the great beyond of becoming.

   The preceding poem is something that came to me following my morning cauldron work (found in "A METHOD OF TRANSCENDENCE IN THE GERMANIC TRADITION" by Steven Mcnallen),  and then meditation on the rune Sowilo. I have roughly been following the Rune work laid out in the "Nine Doors of Midgard" by Edred Thorsson and I am currently opening my second door As I have been learning/ working with the Runes, and meditating on them, I have felt and discovered lots of things. Books come into my life, discussions, thoughts, voices, seminars, seemingly unrelated events that cause me to say  "OH, now I get that"! And now, poems ( I don't generally think I am very poetic so I am hoping this is somewhat of an exception to the rule).

   I now know with a certainty that the Gods, the Ancestors, indeed the Magical Will of the multi-verse speak to us and let us feel their presence through the runes. They can teach us much about ourselves, and why we are here if we will but take the time to calm and silence ourselves and listen. Our inner multi-verse reflects outward and creates its mirror image in the outer multi-verse. The dysfunction and strife that we see in the world today is but a reflection of the inner state of its inhabitants This is why the struggle of learning what the self is, developing it, and learning to control it is all important. Inspiration is available to all of us if we will but listen. I hope the poem speaks to you in some way as it did to me.

Hail Life!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Power To Choose, Its a Beautiful Thing.

   Today, April 17th is my birthday and the marking of a period of time. I choose to see it as having grown another year wiser, more experienced, and having learned to do more things more efficiently in order to better enjoy and get more out of my life experience Rather than focusing on getting older, I choose to focus on getting better. My mind set is focused on concentrating only on things that I actually have control over so that I  can exert my efforts in these areas to actually make my life better. Also discovering what I don't have control over has drastically reduced my stress levels and allowed me to focus on things that are important to me and my life.

   State of mind or mindset, or frame, if you will is totally under our control. It means we decide what things mean. Our interpretation of things and deciding whether they are good or bad, positive or negative, or supportive of our life mission is totally within our control. For example, today on my birthday it is raining. Now since I have introduced myself to being aware of my mindset and deciding what things mean, maintaining my frame if you will, and focusing on my mission I could be upset that I cant do things on my birthday. But, 1. I don't control the weather and 2. I choose to be exceedingly grateful to have a dry, warm, cozy house to sit in with big beautiful windows  to observe all the watery, green, fresh, beautiful abundance, and the burst of new life that is spring going on outside. 3. this gives me the perfect  excuse/opportunity to follow what I have been wanting to do and create something lasting and hopefully useful that will last far longer than I will. Words on a page. So there you have one of the major lessons for me this year. Control what is in your sphere of control, assign  meaning to things and always focus on your mission of doing things that make your life better. Maybe focusing on getting wiser instead of older is just the thing we have been missing.

   As anyone who knows me will tell you, Physical Fitness and lifting heavy Iron is part of who I am as a human being, and is part of the stated focus for this blog. The expression for this passion of mine is competition in the epic sport of Strongman. This past year, as have most has been filled with challenges, or opportunities for growth as I now call them. I tore my meniscus and flipped it over while doing some HIT training with the intention of conditioning or increasing my cardio capacity and reducing my 1.5 mile run time. Everything felt great and I turned it up over 80% and accelerated into the corner and BOOM flop flop flop! Blew a knee. This bit of Irony launched me into some deep belly laughs despite the pain and I hobbled back to my truck for a trip to the ER, and to reevaluate my training plans. Some knee surgery and rehab later, I decided I would compete in California's Strongest Man and proceeded into my contest preparation training. That preparation was my hardest ever and rapidly devolved into a shit show of little nagging injuries and performance far lower than what I expected of myself and I let the old mindset get pretty negative. I started using my age as an excuse and was having some pretty serious doubts as to whether I was up to the task maybe I was too old and needed to retire from the sport I loved with a religious fervor.  I decided to take control of my mindset again and stop being a pussy. I realized once I started focusing again on my sphere of influence, or got back into my frame that, Hey Dumbass you had knee surgery less than 8 months ago you had to learn to rehab that injury and train around it and all the other little injuries, carry on despite doubt and self loathing fear and diminished performance, and now you have the privilege again to celebrate all that by competing in the sport you love. You get to compete against the best of the best and yourself. Helloooo? Celebration time your knee feels better than it has in years, you will guaranteed set some PR's, and get to hang with your fellow warriors in the Strong Man community who are by the way, some of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of being associated with.


270lb Log Clean and Press 0 reps. Need to focus on initiating the press right away don't hold on to it so long.
Keg Toss over 15.5 feet 5 of 6 gassed out on # 6. Didn't train for this at all maybe practice it next time.
Farmers Carry 275 lbs per hand 88 feet PR. Always my least favorite event, need to work it until it becomes my favorite.
Tire Flip 1200 lb tire, 4 flips PR Keep working on and improving efficiency and strength for this event.
Stone Load loaded up to the 350 lbs stone, glute starting its thing so I stopped. I was not in the running for a podium finish and risking another injury made no sense. Continue to work stones to improve.

I don't know how many other almost in a few weeks 47 year olds were there but it was a kick ass celebratory day for me. I  also got caught  up with my Strong Man buddies so Winning!

This is what happens when you choose to feel wiser instead of older and control what is yours to control and ignore all the Shite that isn't in your sphere of influence. I hope that you will join me today in celebrating the beauty and potential of life here on earth.

Hail Life!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Am A Viking

I am a Viking. It is a realization that has slowly been dawning on me my entire life. When I was younger it was a cool badass imagery of my ancestors being large powerful individuals with wild manes of  flowing hair and beards under horned helmets biting their shields and striking terror into their foes hearts with raised axes and swords, taking what they wanted and leaving their marks upon the landscape of history. Then as American Globalist, Feminist, Consumerist indoctrination slowly took its toll my fascination with my ancestors gave way to work, marriage, family, making ends meet, being able to afford more stuff. Couple that with being made to feel as though there is something inherently wrong with being white, male, and loving my country, and I was left with a case of who am I and what am I doing here. "White Americans have no history or culture" we are told. We should apologize, bow down, and embrace every other culture but our own, and by all means keep buying more shit you cant afford so you can impress others you don't even know or like. Also just keep watching and reacting to the loaded agendas, and programming that we will feed you in the guise of News and Entertainment. Anything we can do for you to keep you numb and blind to the innate power, and control that you have to create your life your way for you and yours.

Being done with the morass of other peoples feelings, wants, and desires for me, I am know learning from and listening to my ancestors for they are of another world, time and place. This mysterious attraction too or pull towards all things Norse is no longer just something cool or hardcore but a part of who I am at a genetic level. It is a thing/force that is simultaneously great, dark, awful, and terrible, yet also blindingly bright, and achingly beautiful. It is an intuitive wellspring of passion and emotion and of ice cold clarity. it is who I have always been and always will be. I am a Viking and that means that I am expanding my Ancestral Inheritance and following the example of our (Northern European/ Germanic peoples) greatest Ancestor Odin the All-father who clearly exemplified that the only way to become more is to continually sacrifice all that you are in order to become all that you can be.

In this blog I will share a part of my journey my thoughts and my experiences as I learn more About ASATRU which means the worship of the Gods of the Germanic Pantheon, and how to apply it to my life as a modern Viking. I have always had a passion for Reading, Writing and so finally as a middle aged adult I am doing something  about it. I intend to improve as a writer and offer something useful to myself and to the reader.